Friday, August 26, 2011

tgif round 3: the barbie wedding album

Ok, I just saw this link from Katy Atlas' (@sugarlaws) Twitter feed, and it's simply outstanding.

You have to see the rest, they are spot on.
(Photos by Beatrice de Guigne)

tgif: the hurricane edition

I'm sure you've already heard, but that unstoppable category 3 terror they're calling Irene is threatening to make her way towards New York City. I can't even begin to tell you what a pain this is, especially now. Come on, Irene, it's the weekend! One of only two left in the whole damn summer! So. Rude.

Anyway, if we must ride out this tropical storm, we might as well do it stylishly. Here's what I'm thinking...

To wear:

Hurricane Chic

I mean truthfully, I'm probably not going to spend too much time outside when Irene decides to make her whirlwind tour of New York City. If it's necessary though, I'll pretend a small umbrella won't get turned completely inside out, throw on a borrowed Barbour jacket, some jorts and Hunters, and make a run for it. Where could I possibly need to go? That's yet to be seen, but Duane Reade, and Spice seem like the only realistic places. For staying indoors all weekend, even though it's not particularly chilly, I'll still cozy up in a soft sweater, PJ pants and moccasins, and give myself a manicure while drooling over Kate Moss' wedding photos.

To watch:

I mean, right? I don't know why you wouldn't watch an epic natural disaster movie based in New York City while an actual natural disaster approaches our fair city. It's Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid vs. Mother Nature. It's awesome.

To drink:

Mix these things together...

And you get the perfect Hurricane Irene cocktail - a Dark 'N' Stormy!
I'm pretty sure that a themed cocktail (or three) is exactly what's in order to ride out this crazy weather.

Seriously though, all my East Coast friends, pay attention to the news, stay safe, and find a floatation device.
See you on the other side!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the muppets take manhattan... with nail polish?

Tully loves The Muppets.
I love OPI nail polish.
This is OPI nail polish inspired by the new Muppets movie.
I didn't know there was such a thing, but now I'm excited. So is she.
Perhaps the best part of this collection is the names of the polishes, which include:
Wocka Wocka
Meep Meep Meep
Rainbow Connection
Warm & Fozzie

That's all, I just thought you should know.

Monday, August 22, 2011

from my favorite book...

"It's difficult to explain, but I just somehow feel that I never really have lived; that I never really will live--exist or whatever--in the sense that other people do. It drives me crazy. I was terribly aware of it all those nights waiting for you in the Ritz bar looking around at what seemed to be real grown-up lives. I just find everybody else's life surrounded by plate glass. I mean I'd like to break through it just once and actually touch one. "

Friday, August 12, 2011

{outfit post} home turf happy hour...

I swear to you guys, I don't spend my entire life going to brunches, happy hours and parties with other bloggers. However, it really seems like it sometimes, doesn't it? We just have an understanding. A no-judgement-if-you-want-me-to-take-pictures-of-you-crossing-your-ankles-and-admiring-your-own-shoes understanding. Aside from that though, we style bloggers are really genial and fun-loving people, so why wouldn't we get together all the time and eat omlettes and/or drink $3 beers? Exactly. Hence we get together all the time. If you want to get technical, the transitive property proves that the more I socialize, the more outfit-y my blog gets. Just go with it.

To that point, I met up with Sonia on Friday afternoon, just around the corner from my apartment, for a happy hour drink and some serious catch-up. We sat at the bar of this sort of random-but-cute-and-nicely-air-conditioned restaurant on 8th Avenue called Donnatella. The beer was cold, the conversation was lively, and then we took pictures.

7 for All Mankind jorts (cut from old bootcut jeans); H&M tank; Forever 21 vest (borrowed from Tully); Persol sunglasses (similar to these); Lyndi bag c/o Kooba; vintage necklaces; Urban Outfitters wedges.

Here's the part where I say, "Hey Tulls, thanks for letting me borrow your vest while you were out of town,  even though I didn't really ask, since we share a closet and you hijacked my shirt to take to Salt Lake City. I realize that it's the best part of the whole outfit, so really this post is like an homage to our shared good taste." Or something along those lines. (I've said it before and I'll say it again: What is the point of having roommates if you can't treat their closet like an extension of yours?)

 Michael Michael Kors watch (similar to this); Tiffany & vintage rings.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kate moss x Mario Testino wedding shots...

As you probably guessed, the outtakes from Kate Moss' July wedding, shot by Mario Testino are absolutely gorgeous. Check them out right now on, and soon in the September issue of American Vogue.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{outfit post} summer storm...

I must be starting to sound like a broken record by now, but last week I met up with Meghan to go to yet another fashion event that involved canapes and champagne. It's a tough life, I tell you, but somebody's gotta blog about it.

Whist sipping and snacking, we brainstormed with the design team behind Brahmin to come up with our ideal handbag. It was an interesting evening of creativity and clashing ideas, but ultimately really fun to learn about the logistics of a bag's construction, detailing, hardware and materials all come together.

The even was held at the Hotel Giraffe on 26th and Park Avenue South, so I made a vain attempt to hail a cab, which, if you're a New Yorker you'll understand, is nearly impossible in the rain. By the time I had walked five blocks waving one arm in the air, I was already half-way there.

H&M dress; Fendi bag; Mee Too flats; vintage necklace.

This is the new H&M dress I bought last week, and I'm just obsessed. I love the mustard color, and sometimes there's nothing easier than a long-sleeved mini dress. 

Believe it or not, I purchased this little Fendi baguette when I was 17. I was in Paris in July, during the the French soldes, when all the stores have their amazing sales. I think I paid about 89 euros for it, and to this day it's one of my favorite treasures. As overly branded as it is, it's neutral and just big enough to hold all my going-out necessities, which keeps it in heavy rotation in my closet.

This last picture is one of my all time favorites, big ups to Meghan and her photography skills!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

from Amanda Pearl's tumblr: a little Shel Silverstein

Good ol' Shel really hit the nail on the head with this one.

{crush this} new miles fisher...

Sometimes I have a really hard time deciding if I crush harder on Ryan Gosling or Miles Fisher. That's right - sometimes I spend extended periods of time thinking about which insanely attractive and musically gifted actor I would rather take as my lover - like it's an actual problem in my life.  Since I haven't seen Crazy Stupid Love yet ( I know, I need to. Can I borrow $13.50, please?) it's currently Mr. Fisher. I mean, what's not to like here? The video is a ridiculous spoof on Saved By The Bell with that same kind of twistedly comical and gory humor like This Must Be The Place, a la American Psycho.

Additionally, the song is sweet and fun, though I'll admit I couldn't really listen to the lyrics until I stopped watching the video. The fun kicker is that everyone in the video is also in Final Destination 5, hence all the dying. So now the question is, do I want to see Miles Fisher die, or watch Ryan Gosling get it on with another woman? #Whitegirlproblems?

*This post has been brought to you by Duncan, who shared it with Tully, who shared it with me. I'd be nothing without my music-loving friends, I tell ya.

Download both of my fav MF songs here.

Monday, August 8, 2011

{outfit post} what i wore + DKNY party...

On a rather sweltering Thursday evening a couple weeks ago, Meghan and I met up in Soho to check out the launch party for What I Wore blogger Jessica Quirk's first book, also titled What I Wore, hosted at the DKNY Soho store. As per the usual with our fashion party adventures, we sipped champagne, admired some really gorgeous clothes and mingled with the other guests.

When I think of DKNY, I think chic, and I think black and white. So I kept things pretty simple, and wore my most basic black mini and a white button down, with some vintage chains and jazzy blue flats.

H&M (men's) button down; Express skirt; Steve Madden flats; Ba&sh clutch; vintage chains; Michael Kors watch; Tiffany bracelet; Persol sunglasses.

In my opinion, there are few sexier articles of clothing than a button down shirt, for a man or a woman. I love to get mine from the men's department of places like J. Crew, Gap and H&M because the fit is slim, but more relaxed than a woman's cut. They tend to be a bit longer as well, making them wildly versatile for tucking, untucking, half-tucking and tying. This look is a pretty standard combination for me, I can't seem to get enough of a good button down these days; especially pairing one with a saucy little skirt for a night out. For me, it strikes the perfect balance of masculine and feminine influences, and with a few vintage chains and flats, you basically have my uniform.

I feel like Meghan had a bit of a Jak & Jil moment with this photo, no?

(Thanks again for snapping the pics, Meghan!)

Friday, August 5, 2011

the tgif mash-up...

It's Friday, finally, so here are some things I like:

So I'm in the deep trenches of growing my bangs out right now, and these images just make me want to cut them right back in immediately. (Currently just growing them out through the hot summer months, but I'm considering retiring them for a while...)

Oh, The Blond Salad. I want to be her and kill her and take all her belongings at the same time.

Oh what, Ash? You couldn't find fancier shoes to go with your $39,000 backpack? Fine. I continue to worship at your button down-and-perfect-jewelry-all-the-time alter.

Speaking of Olsen twins, I just feel like it's been a while, and I miss VMK.
Will she ever come back? Her vintage adventures, like the one above, are classics. Never forget!
Gross. Bodyguard is like a brotherguard to me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

a little gratuitous Paul Rudd, just because...

via NY Times: snacks of the great scribblers

Friends, Google Reader has changed my life. Meghan has been singing it's praises forever, but as internet-y as I am, I'm often rather skeptical and slow when it comes to adding yet another thing to keep up with to my daily browsings. Well apparently Google Reader wants to change all that, while also furthering my reliance on Google-related things. Oh well. Anyway, because of this magical new tab in my browser, I found this great piece from the New York Times. Check out the original article here, but just look below for the best part:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5th avenue finds...

Lower 5th Avenue, between about 22nd Street and 16th Street is what I view as the mall of New York City. All scrunched together on these blocks you can find your favorite chain stores that brought you so much consistency and comfort before you left home for the big, bad city. (Except Nordstrom, sigh.) This is one thing I wasn't totally aware of until I moved here: Most people in NYC shop exactly where everyone else shops. Yes, there are unique boutiques and specialty shops tucked away all over the place, but just like everything else, they're usually expensive. My sweet spot in shopping this city has been to mix the tried-and-true shops I have always loved, with the seriously only-in-NYC awesome thrift, consignment and vintage stores. On that level, I think this city is unparalleled.

I was strolling around yesterday to see what was what in the world (even the most budget-mindful blogger should have her pulse on the retail scene at all times) and if there were any to-die-for fall purchases I should start saving up for. I found that indeed, there are many, many things I desperately want to add to my wardrobe ASAP:

5th Avenue finds

5th Avenue finds

From the looks of it, Fall 2011 is going to be quite the colorful season. I spied hoards of jewel tones and brights, styled together in fresh and surprising looks. At H&M I made my one-and-only purchase of the day - Hooray! Self control! - the mustard dress you see above. It was a whopping $25, and will transition seamlessly from a summer dress to pair with bare legs and neutral sandals to a perfect fall layering piece with black tights, a scarf and a blazer.

From there I traipsed down the block to the newly refurbished J. Crew flagship store. Why I do these things to myself is unclear. I'm like some kind of fashion masochist. I was, per usual, bug-eyed and drooling over just about everything. Their merchandisers are evil geniuses, I'm sure of it. From cozy sweaters to animal print pencil skirts to cool, faded trousers and every manor of button-down shirt, I was absolutely in love with it all. I allowed myself to try on a few things (You see? Masochist.) including the white silk blouse above. In some ways, it's $100 price tag is daunting, but I am thinking of it this way: It's nearly identical to the Equipment blouse of the same style, that costs nearly twice as much (roughly $188), and it's essentially the same fabric. So, J. Crew for the win. That is one investment purchase I'll definitely be making come September.

Madewell usually proves to be a similar story to J. Crew, and on this visit, I was most smitten with their collection of top-zip clutches. They are, admittedly, nearly identical in many ways to the American Apparel version, but with a few added details, and in much more fun fabrics. The pony hair zebra-print one was a favorite, as well as the patent leather blue, which has that Celine look-alike factor.

Zara, oh Zara. A lot of their price points are more reasonable than J. Crew, and their collections are my go-to for chic blazers and jackets, sleek blouses and of-the-moment shoes.

So there you have it. Want, want, want. Need, need, need. Guess I better save, save, save.

via Becca: Frenando Volken Togni poster...

So Becca was once a co-worker of Tully, and that makes her a friend of mine. Have we ever met? No. Does that matter in this day-and-age? Clearly not. (If you don't have "internet friends" you're really missing out.) Anyway, being the talented & creative person that she is, she has a really great blog, too. A recent browse revealed a series of "24 Hours In..." posters by artist Fernando Volken Togni. It's probably no surprise that my favorites were New York City and Paris. Check out his site (linked above) to see more of his colorful illustrations.