Thursday, June 23, 2011

{summer staple} the white swimsuit...

Isn't it always the case that some of the most beautiful and flattering things to wear can be a total pain? Stilettos, miniskirts, anything white. Ah, white. Despite how difficult it is to keep clean and bright, nothing, and I mean nothing, looks better against bronzed skin than white. Whether its tight and crisp or soft and loose, the contrast is everything you want in the summer: sexy, classic, and easy.

*Just look at this model on the right, trotting around Santorini with Joe Manganiello in a recent photo shoot from GQ. She looks simply chic (he's not bad either). 

I've already played into the magazines and blogs that told me I must have a little white dress. I've also got a perfectly slouchy white tee, and some crisp white shorts and kicks. The one thing I am totally craving for this season to complete my white out is a swimsuit.

And yet, I am dreading it. How weird is that? The idea has transfixed me, but the challenge of getting this exactly right is a little overwhelming. A white swimsuit really only looks good if you're tan (you can always fake it, though). A white swimsuit will get really dirty at the beach. A white swimsuit can become uncomfortably sheer when wet, and there's no way to test it out first. Trying on swimsuits in general is a curse on all woman-kind. And yet, I am dying to give it a try. Here's a few reasons:

Who What Wear thinks I should.

I have always been obsessed with this spread of Lindsay Lohan from 2006.
She just looks so happy!

 Anything Grace Kelly has ever done is worth attempting.
My current brunette inspirations, the Middleton sisters, are all about it.

Alright, I'll be the first to admit that looking at pictures of very beautiful and thin models in swimsuits can cause any normal and gorgeous girl to spiral into a pit of despair. I try not to put too many of those on le blog. My apologies in advance, but it's really difficult to find enough images of great suits off-model. Bare with me, and we can get through it together. Moving on, behold my picks for the best white suits, in a variety of price points:

white out

white out

Inspiring, no? If it's not making a case for white swimsuits, it's certainly making one for laying off the pad thai. Anyway, swimwear is one of those things I don't feel in the slightest bit capable of making fit recommendations about. It is a deeply personal process and one that every girl has to tackle based on her own figure and skin-bearing comfort level. Here's what I will say though: I love a good bandeau these days. I would venture to guess they work best for smaller-chested gals, simply for lack of support, but there are many that come with a removable halter strap. I suppose the most solid piece of advice I can give here is that if you're going to go white, do it right. Stick with brands that are known for their quality and swimability (I made that word up), like Roxy, J. Crew and ViX. You'll spend a bit more, but when you emerge from the pool or the ocean, refreshed and rejuvenated, you can rest easy knowing that you're not putting on an unintentional show for your fellow sunbathers.

{bag crush} American Apparel canvas carry all

As I was idly strolling around in Chelsea last night, waiting for a phone call and trying to avoid my stifling apartment, I decided to pop into the American Apparel that I often forget is kitty corner from my building. While Vampire Weekend's "Diplomat's Son" played, I picked through the weirdly cut bodysuits and Legalize Gay shirts, and checked out the new colors of my favorite carry all pouch

Suddenly my eyes widened as I spied a mass of navy and white stripes on the other side of the fixture. It was the carry all weekend bag I posted about here, but in bold stripes that immediately called to me.

"Taylor, pack me full of shorts and bikinis and sunglasses and take me to the beach for a weekend! Please! I will look so good, and I have room for everything! I promise!" It seemed to say.

I picked the bag up, unzipped it and peered inside. It's absolutely cavernous. There aren't any inside pockets or snazzy features, it just looks cool and hold a lot. It's a weekender that doubles as a beach bag which, at this time of year, is pretty much ideal.

I would imagine you can also just throw that bad boy in the wash (or get it dry cleaned) when it starts to get a little dirty, which makes the $72 price point even more appealing. 

I told you guys a while ago that I was feeling like the East Coast was taking over my summer style... I suppose this is just one more step towards revisiting that fuchsia Lacoste polo dress I bought circa 2002.

Check out the bag online, and note that it also comes in navy and red stripes, or in a few solid hues for about $15 less.

Additionally, I'm pretty obsessed with this.

Now, show me to my sailboat...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mid-week music moment...

I. Just. Love. This.

Once again, my local favorite back in Seattle, KEXP radio, has a fantastic live performance that's perfect for this MWMM.

Of Monsters And Men - "Little Talks"

Monday, June 6, 2011

{designer crush} jewelry by Tiffany Chou...

I was browsing the Matchbook Magazine blog this morning, as I like to do, and came across a post about these darling nautically themed necklaces. I further investigated the designer's site, and fell head-over-snorkel for all of Tiffany Chou's delicate and whimsical sea creature creations. From seahorses to crab claws, I seriously want it all.

Tiffany Chou

Tiffany Chou
I mean, right? The best part is that her sweet and salty baubles run a wildly decent price range of $38 to $240 or so.The line is available at some retailers, including Thistle & Clover in Brooklyn. I'm thinking that the delicate little pendants that don't run more than $50 will make great gifts for my friends (and myself?). I am pretty convinced that the crab claw bangle, seahorse pendant and starfish earrings must be mine, somehow. 

Ashley Olsen: p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

Ashley Olsen in a button down, jeans, a watch and killer shades. That's it. Maybe shoes, too.
Kind of makes a girl want to abandon all her accessories, am I right?
Seriously, inappropriately, obsessed. 

*Here's a semi-related note: I have those oversize Wayfarers but in black and blue, with sort of ombre lenses. I really wanted to switch them out for solid dark lenses - but FYI my friends - that was going to cost $170. Alas, I'm better off paying $190 for a brand new pair. Is it just me, or is that insane?

Friday, June 3, 2011

signs of summer...

...The upright piano player in Washington Square Park is playing "Here Comes The Sun"...

...Guys in Nantucket Red shorts...

...Fleet Week...

...All manner of beautiful and ridiculous sunbathers along the Westside Highway...

...Huge lines outside The Standard Biergarten and The Frying Pan...

...Rompers and maxi dresses - everywhere...

...It's all about dewy skin and denim shorts...

...I always have more than one pair of sunglasses in my handbag...

...Half the people on the street are carrying maps...

...All the fountains and water features have been turned on...

...Spontaneous al fresco cocktail hours occurring any time, any day, anywhere...

tgif / mid-week music moment...

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all feeling jovial and ready to take on the weekend after this delightfully short week! I jaunted off to Connecticut for a short overnight trip on Wednesday, which is why I didn't post a MWMM. So, to make up for it, I have a fantastic song in the form of a fantastic video, from my favorite radio station back home in Seattle, KEXP.

Please let Fitz and the Tantrums' "Rich Girls" carry you into one of the blissfully early weekends of summer, long before you start to lament how soon it'll be over...

I would love to see them live.