Monday, January 31, 2011

just a little SAG awards style...

Oh, award season, it's in full swing. Sunday night we had the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which brought a few delicious printed and textured looks, and a lot of forgettable yards of monochromatic tulle, crepe, and silk. So lets just cut to the chase, shall we? I'll kick things off with my personal favorite, constant style star Claire Danes:

Claire Danes - SAG awards

I am crazy about this Louis Vuitton look on her. The belt adds a cool, casual element to a very formal shape and great print. Prints are always an interesting choice for the red carpet, and almost always go awry, so I really appreciate her success. The red nails and pink lips, plus her sleek-but-loose hair are also great finishing touches.

Hailee Steinfeld - SAG awards

Ok, so I haven't seen True Grit yet. People, movies in New York are too expensive. It's on my to-do list, but on this budget, $12.50 is an amount I am usually inclined to spend on a few cocktails instead of a few hours in a theater. Anyway, look at this girl in Prada SS11! Lovely, chic, perfect.

Mila Kunis - SAG awards

Mila Kunis would probably look stunning in anything, and she is really rocking this Alexander McQueen gown. She, like Danes, is an example of prints done right. And the belt! Now that I look at it, hers and Danes' dress are pretty similar. The point is though, so gorgeous.

January Jones - SAG awards

I'm definitely not digging January Jones' hair here, but I love this Carolina Herrera dress. The cut is so flattering and sophisticated, and I am a huge advocate of lace in t-shirt shapes, like the top of this gown. Jones can really work a high fashion look, and I always look forward to seeing her red carpet choices.

{get in the know} the business-savvy socialite...

APT with LSD

Here's a little bit of fashion news for my sartorial current events buffs:

Amanda Brooks, author of I Love Your Style, has been named the new Women's Fashion Director of Barney's New York.

(image via

from The Picture of Dorian Gray...

"I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world."

Oscar Wilde, Lord Henry to Basil Hallward

Saturday, January 29, 2011

weekend wishes....

Find a sweater like this.

Meet a guy like this.

Attend a party like this.

Friday, January 28, 2011

{outfit post} snow day lunch break...

One of the best parts of my new internship is that its only a few blocks from Tully's office (Time Square - hooray)! So once or twice a week we meet for lunch, usually at Guy & Gallard in the thick of the Garment District on 40th. We sip soup and Diet Coke, and talk about... Whatever we talk about. Usually the stressful and/or interesting things we've been doing all day.

Yesterday we changed it up - it was a snow day after all - and got a couple slices on Broadway then tromped over to Bryant Park to see the ice skaters, the snow-covered little tables and chairs, and snap a few pictures of our "above the knee chic" outfits.


Tully: Roxy hat; Tucker blouse; khaki military surplus store jacket (borrowed from moi); The North Face puffy duster jacket; Urban Outfitters skirt; Express tights; Sorel (mens) boots; Roxy bag.

Moi: Ray Ban aviators; Gap boyfriend shirt; random lace t-shirt from San Francsisco boutique; BDG black jeggings; vintage mink; vintage Missoni scarf; mom's equestrian-style rubber weillies; Prada handbag (circa early 2000's, hand-me-down from mom).

So brrr, but you get the idea.

Don't mind the tail... It's my scarf, tied to my bag. Special.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{belated} mid-week music moment...

La RouxI saw La Roux in concert last spring and -  as you frequent readers are well aware of - I blogged the bejesus out of that band for qutie a while before and after. I still love and listen to La Roux all the time, and just finally found an mp3 of their cover of "Under My Thumb" by the Rolling Stones. They performed this as part of the encore at the Showbox, and it was pretty incredible. This is someone's live recording, so the quality is not spot-on, but if you were to turn it up full blast, kick the bass up a few knotches and start jumping around wildly, it would sound pretty much exactly as it did live.

Thought I'd share because I love her version, as well as the original. Happy Thursday folks!

{cool video} J. Crew goes to Italy...

This is a cool peek inside the design process over at J. Crew, and part of a series of videos that will be appearing on the J. Crew site.

I seriously can't get enough of Jenna Lyons.

snow day style...

the sartorialistWell, 19 inches of snow fell in Manhattan last night. It really is amazing how fast it piles up - quieting the streets and making even the busiest avenues look picturesque - but how crazy, dirty, wet and wild things look by 9 a.m. Depending on where you live, where you work, and how you're getting there, you really have no idea what kind of conditions you might be up against on a day like this. I've pretty much taken up the mentality that as far as snow day style is concerned, nothing below the knee counts.

For example, today I'm wearing black BDG jeggings, my Gap maroon boyfriend button-down shirt with a cream lace t-shirt layered over it, vintage Missoni scarf, a ballerina topknot and oversize pearl earrings, and my vintage mink coat (Ray Ban aviators to shield my peepers, obviously). However below the knee, I'm donning thick grey ski socks and knee-high black rubber wellington boots. (I'll try to blog this look asap - it's a goodie.) Just because children have the day off from school does not mean you must take the day off from looking chic!

Take a cue from these blog and editorial images I rounded up on how to get your snow-savvy style on:

(image via

Liv Tyler

(Liv Tyler @ Sundance, via

Garance Dore

(girls in NYC, image via Garance Dore)

Elizabeth Olsen

(MK and A's little sister, via

Mr. Newton

(image via Mr. Newton)

Where did you get that

(amazing Club Monaco men's sweater, image via Where Did You Get That)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{apartment inspiration} Land's End oxford sheets...

Land's End Solid Oxford BeddingI think I've said this before, but in our little apartment, and especially in my shared bedroom, my bed has become my haven. I've cultivated quite a nest, overflowing with down pillows and super-soft sheets. I only have one set of really great sheets though, so I want my next splurge to be this set of Land's End Solid Oxford Bedding ($60 - $120). The sheets are made of the same oxford cloth as their shirts, and the button detailing on the pillow cases add a clean, preppy finish. I like the idea of creating a sleeping space with both feminine and masculine influences, so a more masculine element like this would nicely compliment my pintucked euro shams and ruffle-trimmed standard shams.

all-white beddingI really don't know much about decorating beyond my own personal tastes, but one thing I believe, and Tully shares (and solidified) my vision in this, is that there are few things in the world as wonderful as crisp, white bedding. Pops of color and texture are requisite, but building from classic white allows color and creativity in other parts of your decor, like throw pillows, furniture, art and wall paint. An all-white bed never looks bad, and with the right amount of pillows and blankets (read: way too many) usually looks inclredibly inviting.

*Editor's note: A word to the small number of men-folk who may be reading this, navy and/or black sheets are the worst. I know they're out there, and many of you have them. These colors do not say "masculine;" they say uninviting and terrible. Upgrade, please.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pants + dresses @ Chanel...

Mais oui, it's time for Chanel! Unkle Karl's Spring 2011 couture collection brings us the usual boucle jackets in new shapes and colors, some gorgeous structured dresses, and something I'm both aesthetically intrigued by, and a little bit unsure about. Many of the looks feature these brilliant slouchy but skinny sequin pants paired with pointed-toe flats (which are so back, by the way), but with skirts and dresses. Behold:

Chanel Chanel

There were also some really cool skinny pants with button detailing at the bottom, also paired with skirts and dresses:

Chanel Chanel

So what do you guys think? I am obsessed with these pants, purely for the cut and style of them on their own. However, I just don't think I can really get on board with layering them under dresses and/or skirts. Then again, I tend to come around once I see people whose style I envy wearing looks I initially couldn't stand. (ie: turbans, hiker/biker boots, heeled oxfords)

And what about you, dear readers? What say you about Chanel's pants-under-dresses looks?

  • Fab. I'm on board. (12 votes)
  • Woof. Count me out. (9 votes)
  • I appreciate it, but probably won't duplicate it. (23 votes)

Monday, January 24, 2011

{love this} Prada SS / 2011 video...

FabSugar brought this video to my attention, and now I can't stop watching it. It's vivid and energetic and fun, and I think gives a little more appeal to the crazy and vibrant designs of Miuccia Prada's Spring/Summer 2011 collection (thanks in large part to the music - it's Ratatat). Check out Fab's post here, where you can also see the print ads shot by Steven Miesel.

couture week begins!

Christian Dior

Starting with Christian Dior. Le sigh.

Check out the full slideshow over at

it is Le Freezing in NYC today...

It's 10 degrees.

This car in the East Village is literally iced in.


{utterly obsessed} closets on The Coveted...

Think of it like The Selby, but with less quirk and more couture.

the coveted

The site is focused on showcasing the sparkles, baubles and most treasured apparel of fashion industry insiders. This image is from the closet of my current personal style icon, Joanna Hillman. As if I wasn't jealous enough, after seeing her closet I may really lose it. Currently you can also peek into the collections of Mona Sharf, Mary-Kate Steinmiller of Teen Vogue and Karla Martinez of W, to name a few.

Check out The Coveted, and get ready to swoon.

{shoe crush} Jeffrey Campbell haircalf moccasins...

$130.00 by Jeffrey Campbell at

Cooincidentally, my last {shoe crush} post was also about a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. What can I say, the man knows his way around a sole.  And these little haircalf loafer-slash-moccasins are no exception. It's no secret that I love animal prints, and especially animal print flats. What I love about this pair is the giraffe print and slightly borrowed-from-the-boys style loafer toe.

I know I've said this before, but animal print is often my favorite neutral. A great two-color giraffe print like this mixes well with florals and stripes, and cool, casual flat like this will look absolutely perfect with everything from skinny black pedal pushers to boyfriend jeans.

Friday, January 21, 2011

{quick outfit post} wednesday night out....

Vintage mink peacoat; Urban Outfitters blazer (borrowed from Tully); Zara blouse (Jessica's); consigned BCBG necklace; Paige Verdugo jeggings; Urban Outfitters grey suede boots.

Wednesday night I met up with my college friend Rishi and some of his friends for a mid-week night out. We started at Gaslight, a low-key pizza joint and bar on W 14th and 9th avenue, then walked over to the Standard Grill. It was a great mix of catching up and cocktails, and a perfect excuse to wear that vintage mink out on the town.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

room with a view...

Just wanted to share this photo from last Tuesday night...

Crazy snowfall on Central Park South, as seen from a cozy banquette at The Oak Bar, Bulleit bourbon and ginger ale in hand.

{just because} vintage rock & roll style...

mick & biannca jagger

Mick & Bianca Jagger

(image via Paristocrats)

Jack Donaghy: funny & absolutely right...

"In Manhattan real estate, there are no rules. It's like check-in at an Italian airport."

30 Rock

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

then & now: me and a maple leaf...

I swear to you guys, that I did not even realize this had happened until I went home over Christmas. I was going through old photos, trying to pick out a few to bring back to New York with me. In one box I found a photo of myself from what I believe was my 4th birthday. I'm all dressed up in my fanciest party gear, and being the ham that I was, did a little model pose with a leaf:

Bangs? Check. Patent leather flats? Check. Patterned tights? Check.

Now, apparently it's in my nature to strike such a pose, because I did something alarmingly similar during our photoshoot in the Park, back in November:

Ha! Isn't that too funny?

Once a ham, always a ham I guess.

mid-week music moment...

hood internetSo, I'm not really sure you could call The Hood Internet a band, or a group. I believe the technical term is mash-up DJs. I don't know. Anyway, they created a song called "Go Hahahaha (Das Racist vs. Cults)" that I really enjoy. I find it perfect for many occasions, from pre-party cocktail mixing in our kitchen to fighting of the mid-afternoon crazy eyes at the office.

Enjoy the continuing "wintery mix" New York City, and Happy Wednesday everyone else!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kristen Stewart x Mario Testino x

Kristen Stewart -

Something about the combination of a little tan, some buttery highlights and killer eyebrow definition is giving Kristen Stewart a very different and seriously gorgeous look in these Mario Testino shots from Vogue. Oh, and maybe all the Proenza Schouler has to do with it, too.

Check out the article and slideshow here.

{re-re-blogging amazingness} Inslee & Man Repeller...

So now is the time that I get to say, "Ahhh I knew her when..." about my illustrater friend Inslee, who I apparently can't stop blogging about these days. Anyway, I just have to throw a big kudos out to her because her amazing sketches of The Man Repeller are now on The MR's blog! Getting that kind of exposure will only bring wonderful things her way, so say it with me now, "Holy Ladyboner, that's fantastic!" Check out the side-by-side...

See Inslee's anti-Golden-Globes-Pro-Ladyboner post here, and The Man Repeller's praising post here!

Loves it! Soon people will be saying, "You know, you really haven't made it until you've been sketched by Inslee."

Congrats again girl!

a peek at my vacation days...

In case you want a little taste of my relaxing weeks in Seattle and Sun Valley, I put together a little gallery of the best shots. Here you'll find some gems from Christmas with the whole Davies family, some really nice scenic shots from the mountains, New Years Eve silliness, skiing, and some good fashion moments as well.

grandpa and i...

two of my favsies...

view from the top...

dad and i...

katie and i all goggled up

cross-country skiing

on the bar...

mom, looking super stylish...

the gorgeous sun valley club

view from the Sun Valley Club...

cait and i must be dancing...

that's probably the most complete shot of my outfit of the night, oops.

Vintage sequin top tucked into my Urban Outfitters skirt, worn with two pairs of Hue tights and my Corso Como boots. May I remind you it was -13 degrees.

uh yeah, we did that mustache thing...

katie and i...