Saturday, June 9, 2012

starting to sound like a broken record...

But I don't think I can live without these shoes, come Fall 2011.

It seems like I haven't made it through a single season without posting about some new pair of leopard print flats that have caught my eye. This time around, it's these pony hair loafer/slipper beauties (lady loafers?). 

How deep my attraction to these shoes runs is something I'm not sure I can verbalize. I am drawn to them. Much like when I see a really attractive guy on the subway, I find myself staring at them, envisioning our life together: long, October walks together in the West Village, complete with black skinny jeans and a cashmere boyfriend sweater... Le sigh. I can already hear my DV tassel loafers groaning with jealousy from my shoe rack.

I'll admit, these are what my mom would call, "a lot of look." They're much less feminine than the Jeffrey Campbell pair I posted a few months back, and quite, er, dramatic? Are they perhaps even a bit Man Repeller-esque? I actually can't decide which pair I like more, so if you have a thought, please leave it in the comments and help make my choice easier. 

Now all I have to do is forgo my next 10 orders of pad thai and a few iced coffees and I can trot myself right on down to Shoegasm and give my feet the treat I just can't seem to put off any longer. Then, since we've reached the season of an average temperature of roughly 80 degrees in NYC, I'll have to hide them in the back of the closet and secretly start wishing for fall to come a little bit sooner.

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