Sunday, June 10, 2012

{outfit post} lock out...

That's right, I went up to the roof to take some outfit pictures for you guys, and then locked myself out of my apartment. I hope you enjoy the fact that I consider us all to be good enough friends for me to admit that right now. I scurried up there sans keys and sans cell phone, and carrying a bunch of miscellaneous objects with which to prop up my camera. (One of them was a box of checks. Another one of them was a hardbound copy of Twilight. Really.)

Fortunately, my downstairs neighbor came home just as I had used my last ounce of energy trying to will the locked door open. Unfortunately, I had to explain to him what I was doing with a box of checks, a giant tween vampire novel, a camera and no keys. Pretty glamorous, right?

For the next three hours, I took advantage of his air conditioning, accompanied him on some errands, watched a terrible movie and eventually got rescued by our house-guest-of-the-week, Alli, circa 9:45 p.m. If it hadn't been such a mess of an evening I probably wouldn't have bothered to post these pictures, but I became stranded in my own building and didn't get dinner until 10 pm because of them, so by gosh you're going to see them.

Theory pants; H&M tank; J. Crew sweater; vintage belt; Sam Edelman sandals, Persol sunnies.

Apparently the growing-out of my bangs has lead to rock a comb-over worthy of the The Donald. Oy. Moving on... I had a quick little freelance job on Monday helping out at the photo studio, so I donned my best "Fashionably Professional: Even in This Humidity" outfit, which obviously included my most treasured grown-up girl piece: my Theory pants. The atmosphere at the studio is rather laid back, and it's an absolute free-for-all when it comes to daily attire. There's an ever-changing bevy of photographers, stylists, and assistants coming and going each week, each with a unique style, and more than a few tattoos. The sartorial freedom that this affords is rather glorious. A cotton tank, flat sandals and fancy pants made for the perfect mix to spend 8 hours organizing, steaming, dressing, pinning and accessorizing.

 All-in-all, I suppose there are worse places a girl could be stranded.

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